This is our intensive personal training or coaching service that provides the highest level of 1 on 1 personal training support to deliver outstanding results.

This service will be structured based upon your goal and what results you are looking for. Whether it be fat loss, building muscle, or both, we tailor our methods to you and your goal.

In our PT (Personal Training) Transformation Program, and all our training systems, strength training is a key element we focus on to achieve results for both muscle building and fat loss goals. We don’t prescribe hours of walking on a treadmill every week to burn fat, and we don’t over complicate the process of building muscle with the latest fad of exercises or tricks. We focus on progressive overload of key variables of strength training, and manipulate nutritional protocols to produce results.

Our PT (Personal Training) Transformation Program includes 2-5 personal training sessions per week, complete nutrition programming including body composition analysis (conducted every fortnight), along with training programs and round the clock support. We do require a minimum of 2 personal training sessions per week to ensure you get results with the quality of the program. Prices will vary depending on number of sessions included.


Our satellite personal training service is for those who have completed our PT Transformation Program and are capable of performing their training and nutrition programs without as frequent 1 on 1 contact.

During the PT (Personal Training) Transformation Program, you will have learnt the correct exercise technique, proper training intensity, and how to correctly execute your training and nutrition programs. The Satellite Personal Training option is a continuation of the PT (Personal Training) Transformation Program, focused on building on the results you have already gained.

This program features all the training and nutritional programs with fortnightly personal training sessions and body composition analysis.


Our nutrition consulting is focused on athletes or gym goers who are undertaking a training regime and require assistance with their nutrition programming.

Our nutrition programs are tailored specifically to each individual by assessing neurotransmitter profiles, physiological feedback, body composition, and lifestyle and training parameters. We develop and update our nutrition programs utilising online software, iNutrition Pro, ensuring that we deliver a nutrition service that is comprehensively detailed, all while being user friendly and easy to understand.

After the initial consultation going through the assessments required, body composition analysis and nutrition updates are conducted every 3 weeks to ensure you keep progressing toward your goals.