For the last article in our ‘Understanding Your Training Program’ series, we are covering exercise sequencing. Exercise sequence dictates the order in which you perform your exercises. This is extremely important to understand as it will effect the entire structure of your training. Exercise sequence will be displayed on a training program with a letter
Rest periods are a vital part of your training program but are often overlooked. People will fall for 1 of the 2 following mistakes: Mistake #1: Thinking that rest periods between sets are a waste of time and that less rest is always best. Mistake #2: Taking too long during rest periods and not achieving
Tempo is often underrated when it comes to a training program. It refers to the speed that you perform an exercise and will have a tremendous effect on what stimulus your muscles will recieve. If you are training to improve strength then your tempo should be different than if you were performing a higher repition
  So you have committed to joining the gym and start training. You have set your ego aside and have made the intelligent decision to hire a personal trainer to help you figure out what you should be doing to reach your goals. Smart decision. If you’ve decided to work with Real Results Personal Training
Building Muscle
  Chronic inflammation can be a big hurdle for those training for fat loss, hypertrophy and to improve health and performance. Getting inflammation under control is a vital step to help accelerate results from a nutrition or training plan. From experience, a large number of our personal training clients initially present with some signs and
How Lifting Weights can help with Fat Loss
When training for fat loss, you will hear a lot of personal trainers, celebrities, and gym goers talk about cardio as your best fat loss option, with rarely any mention of weights training, but is cardio really the best way to lose fat? At Real Results, we say definitely not. Our personal training for fat
A priority for a lot of our personal training clients is to build muscle. The benefits of having a well-developed level of muscle mass extends to those seeking to improve athletic performance, strength, fat loss, overall health, injury prevention, and the obvious improvements to physical appearance. With an extensive list of benefits, it is easy
The 3 things that could be ruining your sleep?
Getting a good night’s sleep is a critical element of any good fat loss or muscle building journey. Sleep is also one of the things that our personal training clients struggle to achieve and maintain. Work hours, stress, kids, life responsibilities all take their toll on your ability to fall sleep and stay asleep. There
Supplement Use: How to tell if you should supplement or not?
When it comes to supplement use, we often see 2 opinions amongst our personal training clients. There are those who won’t go near a supplement or vitamin, and those who can’t get enough of them. There are a lot of supplements available that can provide a benefit to your health and performance, and an equally
High Reps vs Low Reps for Hypertrophy: 
What is best for you?
When looking to build muscle mass, what is the best rep range to do so? Should you do high reps? Low reps? Or, in between? Before answering the question, we must first determine what is considered low or high reps, most people would consider something similar to the following when classifying rep ranges. 1-5 reps
Should I still workout if I'm sick?

Should I Still Workout If I Am Sick?

Whether it’s your personal training program or work, people can develop the mindset of never taking a ‘day off’ no matter what. A certain level of self-accountability and discipline is needed to achieve anything in life, in particular your health and fitness, but where do you draw the line between holding yourself accountable and running
Is L.I.S.S Cardio the most effective way to lose fat?
Low Intensity Steady State Cardio (or LISS for short) is a style of cardio where you perform a repetitive movement such as walking or cycling at a moderate, steady pace with low intensity for a prolonged period. An example of this would be brisk walking on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes. LISS can help assist
My 2 favourite shock methods for Hypertrophy

My 2 Favourite Hypertrophy Shock Methods

Shock Methods are training techniques that are used to increase the intensity of a training session. There are methods that are great for fat loss and others that are great for hypertrophy. Hypertrophy training does not require you to train your muscles to complete failure each workout as this can lead to diminishing hypertrophy results.
Carbohydrates and Fat Loss: What you need to know
If your goal is fat loss, nutrition is absolutely vital for success. No amount of training and hard work will get you the fat loss results you want if your nutrition isn’t up to par. Your total energy intake and macronutrient ratios will dictate what changes occur with your body, so it’s important to know
Are you ready to Build Muscle?

Are You Ready To Build Muscle?

“Are you ready to build muscle?” is a question that wouldn’t often cross the mind of most gym goers, or personal trainers for that matter, but it is an important question to ask to ensure that you are able to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. When taking on a new personal training