Understanding Fat Loss

Fat loss is something many people strive for at the gym. Lower body fat leads to a leaner physique and overall better health so it’s a very important goal. In this article, I will take you through the 3 step process of how we actually achieve fat loss. I’ll also explain how you can improve
Recently I attended the Blood Chemistry Analysis course held by Dave O’Brien; Owner of 5th Element Wellness in Fitzroy. I attended this course with the goal of being able to look deeper than the average trainer and help guide my approach with clients. I have NO intention of looking at blood work in the attempt
So you’ve stuck to your nutrition plan religiously for 4,8 or maybe even 12 weeks now. You have experienced some great results and nothing can stop you. Suddenly, you have found yourself half way through a cheese burger and large chips. All that hard work and all those results are surely ruined. Or are they?

5 Supplements To Improve Sleep

Sleep is something many of our Doreen personal training clients struggle with. A lack of sleep combined with a lack of sleep quality is the common trend. If you’re serious about results, sleep is non-negotiable. Poor sleep will lead to poor results long term. In one of our previous articles we discussed the things that
Holidays are coming up and many will face the temptation of chocolates, deserts, drinks with friends and feasts. It is a great time of year to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. It is also a great time of year to binge and set yourself back with your results. Many of my Doreen
Forgive me for the slightly deceptive title. Although, If you are reading this then it must have worked. I bet you’re wondering what the M.E.D stands for in M.E.Dication. M.E.D is something I always look for when planning someone’s training, nutrition and lifestyle protocols for best results. M.E.D stands for ‘Minimum Effective Dose’. As the

Don’t Get ‘A’ Grip

For all round muscular development and strength gains, grip position plays a big factor. The ability of our shoulder and wrist to internally and externally rotate allows us to assume many different grip positions. There are 3 main grip positions: Supinated – Palm facing up, Underhand grip Pronated – Palm facing down, Overhand grip Neutral/Semi-Pronated
Want better results from the gym, work or business? Limit the amount of decisions you have to make each day. From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed we are flooded with decisions to make. Some decisions seem tedious while others bare great importance. Either way, we are under constant

Pre-Workout Making Your Skin Tingle?

Pre-workout products are a combination of various ingredients designed to improve your workout. They are popular as an energy kick due to the majority of pre-workout products containing caffeine. If you have ever used a pre-workout you may have experienced skin tingles or itchiness. Why does this happen? This itchiness or tingling skin is caused

Supplement Series: Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine is a commonly used ingredient found in many pre-workouts. It can also be purchased as a stand alone ingredient. Beta-Alanine in the body mixes with another amino acid called Histidine. These 2 together create a compound called Carnosine. Carnosine has great benefits in improving muscular endurance and fatigue management. Ever felt that burning feeling

What Is A Calorie?

Calories are often hailed as the be all and end all of nutrition. Want to gain weight? Eat more calories. Want to lose weight? Eat less calories. It’s that simple right? Unfortunately it’s not always that simple and I’ll explain why. Before I do I want to add that measuring calorie intake and increasing or
Every second of the day our body will either be in a catabolic or anabolic state. If you are trying to lose body fat or build muscle then you need to understand these terms. Catabolic and anabolic states indicate to us whether we are building or burning nutrients. These terms I mentioned briefly in our
The best nutrition plan in the world. This is what we are all searching for isn’t it? The best nutrition plan to help us drop fat, build muscle and have optimal health. You can stop searching because I have some news. There is no such thing as the ‘best’ nutrition plan that works 100% of
Have you started eating better but feel worse?  It is far more common than you think. Many weight loss journeys have a similar trend. There is an initial rush of motivation and drive to achieve your goal. To drop weight, people will often change as many things as possible to see results. This often entails

Do You Have A ‘Bad’ Metabolism?

Do you suspect that you have a ‘bad’ metabolism? Is your ‘slow’ metabolism stopping you from losing weight? If you have ever tried to lose weight I am sure you will have heard the fancy word metabolism along the way. It is often blamed as this magical and complex thing which decides who will be